Show Rules

For ANCATS members and any owner of a registered pedigree or a companion cat, and any other person or persons that from time to time associates with ANCATS.




Ancats Show Rules 2018


1 Entry/Fees


2 Times


3 Animal Welfare


4 Show Temperament


5 Benching


6 Litters


7 Registrations


8 Sportsmanship


9 General Public


10 Other Matters






1.1. All entry(s) must be on the official ANCATS Entry Forms – hard copy or on line from the ANCATS website.


1.2. Applications cannot be accepted over the telephone.


1.3. ANCATS reserves the right to transfer entry(s) not correctly entered.


1.4. The exhibitor must advise cancellations or alteration to entries in writing, e-mail or facsimile with all appropriate fees paid.


1.5. All entries must be received by ANCATS no later than the official closing date, or when the advertised show entry limit is reached.


1.6. All Fees must be paid with entry.


1.7. Cheques must be made payable to ANCATS.


1.8. Credit Card facilities are available for ANCATS shows.


1.9. Fees are not refundable for exhibits not shown.


1.10. Should any cheque forwarded in payment be returned by the bank/society/credit union/etc as ‘unpaid’ i.e. refer to drawer, a money order, bank cheque or cash will be required to be forwarded immediately to the ANCATS to ensure acceptance of entry.


1.10.1. The exhibitor shall deem any costs incurred (including bank charges) by ANCATS payable before the entry is processed.


1.11. ANCATS may, in its absolute discretion decline to accept show entries.






2.1. All exhibits must arrive by the time allocated.


2.2. Late exhibitors must immediately inform the Show Convenor prior to placing exhibit in cage and may be refused entry to the show. 2.3. Any Judge’s rings missed by a late entry are deemed ‘invalid’ and ‘absent’ and will not be re-Judged.






3.1. All exhibits must have up-to-date vaccinations.


3.2. All exhibits must be fully wormed.


3.3. All exhibits must have both front and back claws clipped.


3.4.All exhibits must be brought into the hall securely contained in an adequate carrying receptacle.


3.5. ANCATS may choose a vetting option at their particular show. These options may be either


3.5.1. Vetting by a recognized Veterinarian prior to judging


3.5.2. Non-vetting where there is no veterinary inspection of exhibits.


3.6. Whether a vetted or non-vetted show and an exhibitor is concerned by the health/welfare of an exhibit they may refer the matter to the Show Convenor.


3.6.1. Exhibitors disagreeing with the Show Convenor’s decision in reference to their cat’s/kittens health may take the cat to a Veterinarian and should the vet give the cat/kitten a clearance the cat may return to the show. Rejudging of a class missed is not available.


3.7. Any Exhibitors deemed, as making unnecessary complaints in an unsportsmanlike manner will be dealt with under Rule 9.


3.8. Any cat entered that is considered by the officiating Judge as ‘not in show condition’ will not be Judged or handled by that Judge.


3.9. Any exhibit that is considered by a Judge, Veterinarian or Show Convenor to be flea or lice infested and/or dirty must be removed from the venue immediately.


3.10. An exhibit found to be suffering from symptoms of an infectious or contagious disease shall be immediately removed from the venue by its owner.


3.10.1. An owner whose exhibit is found to be suffering from Rule 3.10 may be asked to immediately remove all their exhibits from the hall.


3.10.2. Exhibits disqualified because of infectious or contagious disease shall not be eligible to compete at a ANCATS recognized show until a Clearance Certificate from a registered Veterinary Surgeon is supplied to ANCATS before the next show date.


3.10.3. The decision of the Judge, Veterinarian, Show Convenor, or any other such person as nominated by ANCATS Inc is final.


3.10.4. No exhibit shall enter the hall if it has at any time in the period: Twenty one (21) days immediately preceding the date of the show been in contact with, or suffered from, any infectious disease (other than fungal infection) or been in contact with, or resident on the same premises as a cat with an infectious disease. Forty two (42) days immediately preceding the show suffered from fungal infection, or been in contact with, or resident on the same premises as a person or animal with a fungal infection.


3.11. If during the course of the show an exhibit should be found to be ailing or distressed through any cause the Veterinary Officer (if still in attendance), or the Show Convenor may at their discretion direct that the exhibit be removed from the venue.


3.12. Any exhibit, which is considered to be displaying symptoms of being under sedation, will be disqualified.






4.1. An exhibit which shows an ‘obvious dislike to being handled’ but not displaying ‘aggressive’ behaviour as in Rule 4.2 would be considered ‘not of good show temperament’ and would be withdrawn from judging on that day. /p>


4.2. Exhibits which display ‘aggressive’ behaviour and/or wound Judges or officials or exhibitors will be disqualified and such disqualification will be noted by the ANCATS Show Convenor


4.2.1. An exhibit that has been noted by the ANCATS Show Convenor will be referred to ANCATS Executive.


4.2.2. No exhibit may be shown whilst under review from the ANCATS Executive.






1.1. A cat/kitten, other than an exhibit, shall not be allowed in or within the precincts of a show during the conduct of a show, unless under special circumstances and the Show Convenor has allocated a cage.


1.2. Use of methylated spirits, bleach or atomiser/aerosols sprays in the hall is not allowed.


1.3. Coloured or white cotton curtains and base or blanket must be in the cages prior to judging.


1.4. An exhibitor or handler of any exhibit shall not use talcum powder or any other like substance on an exhibit, whilst an exhibit is caged or whilst in the vicinity of the cages.


1.5. An approved litter tray and water bowl may be left in the cage all day, for the comfort of your cat, unless notified by the Show Manager that Rule 5.5 is not applicable.


1.5.1. No other objects that may impede the Judge’s access to the exhibit are allowed in or on the cage during judging.


1.5.2. No foodstuff, litter tray or water bowls should be in cages when your cat is being judged as it may distract from the presentation of you exhibits.


1.6. No exhibit are to be removed from its cage while judging is in progress without advice from the Judge, except when being judged or that exhibit is required by a Judge in another ring for assessment.


1.7. No exhibit is to be removed from the venue without special permission of the Show Convenor, before the completion of the show./p>


1.8. Under no circumstances, is an exhibit to be removed from its cage at any time during the show, by any person without the express permission of the owner. Judges, Stewards, officiating on the day and the Show Convenor are exempt from this regulation


1.9. Double cages will be provided for litters and adult cats on request (fee applies)


1.10. Adult male cats both entire and desexed will not be benched together/side-by-side under any circumstances.


1.10.1.If insufficient female cats are available to space males a cage must be left empty or at least 30cm of clear space must be provided between cages.


1.10.2. If you own your own show cages, your cage number will be attach to the bench in the order set out by the Show Convenor. Top




6.1. No entry can be accepted for kittens under the age of ten (10) weeks on the day of the show.


6.2. No entry can be accepted for kittens over the age of sixteen (16) weeks on the day of the show.


6.3. The number of kittens in each litter must be stated on the entry form.


6.4. No cat obviously nursing a litter may be exhibited without her litter.


6.5. No cat obviously in kitten is should be exhibited, as they will not be Judged






7.1. All exhibits must be owned/leased by the exhibitor and registered with a legitimate incorporated Cat Governing Body.


7.1.1 Non-members of ANCATS must enclose a copy of the exhibit’s pedigree.


7.1.2. For non-members of ANCATS - A litter exhibited as such must be registered and the registration number of one (1) kitten must be shown on the entry form for all litter classes.


7.1.3. ANCATS members may enter their litters via their litter registration number.


7.2. All exhibits (local, interstate, or overseas) must comply with full register rules and regulations as applicable to ANCATS.


7.3. All exhibits must be entered under the owner/lessee name or in a Cattery Prefix if it is a registered business (Fair Trading certificate copy to be supplied).


7.4. Any complaints must be in writing and lodged with The Secretary, together with a $150.00 fee, within seven (7) days of the show.


7.4.1. Fees are returnable if the complaint is upheld.


7.5. All experimental exhibits entered must be from an experimental program registered with the ANCATS. The type of cat for which the breeder is experimenting in such program and the generation reached must be stated on the entry form or attached to it.






8.1. If any exhibits are not in their cages when judging commences, the exhibits may be disqualified. .


8.2. No cards or ribbons, promotional material may be displayed until all rings have been judged.


8.3. A Challenge will be awarded to Best Male, Best Female, Best Neuter and Best Spay Cats in each colour section except AOV, AOC or where special regulations apply, provided that the cats reach the ANCATS National standard as required by the Judge.


8.4. The Judge may outclass all exhibits not correctly entered. 8.5. The decision of the Judge is final







9.1. All exhibitors are expected to participate in the show for the benefit of cats.


9.2. All entries are accepted on the condition that all exhibitors will abide by the Rules and Regulations of ANCATS and their Show Rules and or any other rules that apply from time to time or the decision of the Show Convenor.


9.3. Exhibitors not displaying good sportsmanship;


9.3.1. Acting in a manner contrary to the regulations.


9.3.2. Causing unnecessary prejudice/discrimination/anxiety or abusive behaviour to an exhibitor/exhibit/ ANCATS or to any individual or group attending the venue may be required to leave the show/venue immediately.


9.3.3. The matter will be referred to ANCATS Executives for deliberation and the Executives decision will be final.








10.1. The general public is any individual at the venue/show who is not an exhibitor/ ANCATS member or invited guest of ANCATS.


10.2. The general public must abide by all Rules and Regulations and Show Rules and or any other rules that apply from time to time or the decision of the Show Convenor of ANCATS upon entering the venue/show.


10.3. The general public may be required to pay a ‘fee’ determined by ANCATS from time to time upon entering the venue/show. (Agricultural Shows excluded)


10.3.1. No member of the general public is permitted to enter the show without paying the required fee if a fee has been deemed for entrance to venue/show. (Agricultural Shows excluded)


10.4. The general public upon entering the venue/show must act in a manner that is considered orderly.


10.4.1. At any time must not, disrupt or act in a manner that will cause disruption to the show being conducted, or to any individual or property whether exhibitors/ ANCATS members or invited guests of ANCATS.


10.4.2. If a member of the general public is deemed to be acting in a disruptive manner, that individual may be required to leave the venue/show by the Show Convenor/ANCATS Delegate immediately.






11.1. Show Rules will be available for perusal at each venue/show.


11.2. Signage – Pamphlets – Correspondence – Stalls – Hawkers or Canvassers Under no circumstances may the above be displayed – distributed - erected without the prior permission of ANCATS.


11.3. Personnel


11.3.1. A ANCATS Delegate will attend each show/venue of ANCATS.


11.3.2. A Show Manager/Convenor will be nominated by ANCATS and will organise the show/venue to the rules and regulations and show rules of ANCATS. All staff/volunteers will be delegated tasks via the Show Manager/Convenor.


11.4. Special Circumstances;


11.4.1. A decision made by ANCATS Delegate or Show Manager/Convenor, not outlined in the above Show Rules during the course of the show is deemed for that show only as final on the condition that the Show Manager/Convenor and ANCATS Delegate both accept the special circumstances.


11.4.2. A report must be written and signed by both the Show Manager/Convenor and ANCATS Delegate and submitted to ANCATS no later than three (3) working days after the show has been held outlining the circumstances and decision made.


11.4.3. ANCATS can refuse entry of any individual without bias to protect the interests and values of ANCATS or if in the belief of the Show Convenor a person or persons could cause harm to individuals within the show venue.




*Subject to all other conditions, constitution, code of ethics and any other specification, and/or disciplinary action as conveyed from ANCATS from time to time.


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