“NEW” ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Ancats announces a new category of Associate Membership. This membership has no voting rights attached, and attracts no discounts to fees as enjoyed by full members. Associate Membership welcomes you to participate in Ancats activities, register kittens, without placing you at odds with your present club.


Ancats has NO restrictive practices against our members and cats [only judges and management committee members may not belong to any other organisation


Ancats invites any one to be participant in Australia’s first and only national club with national registrations and cat shows.


Ancats is the Australian member of the World Cat Federation, the world’s largest cat federation.


Non member’s cats winning challenge points at Ancats shows have those points added to their status automatically.


Members do not need to make application for title upgrades, points won at shows is compiled by the “cat data” program, and the title upgrade certificates are available on our web site after each show, and can be printed off at no cost. Individual certificates and rosettes can be ordered at $15 each.


Show results, with photos are usually up on our web site, usually on the night of the show, along with any title upgrades and full Cat of the Year progress results.


Ancats fully recognizes prior learning of judges and stewards, joining us from other groups.


Ancats has developed a professional self paced judges training program designed by professional educators in three modules.


All Ancats judges record their results on portable devices [ipads or the like] and have their results forever on their device. That information is continually fed to our web server. At the conclusion of Judging we bring all the judges results back to our show computer, print out our multi award cards, and then send the results to our web site.


Ancats has no “card room”.


On line show entries is available to any exhibitor, from anywhere in the world.


On line kitten registrations is available to any member, from anywhere in the world.

Kittens can be transferred to the new owner at the time of registration.


Ancats members transferring cats/kittens to another state is easy and the new owner does not have to re register with another group, it is just one transfer from breeder to new owner. Just one transfer fee, another benefit of a national registry.


Litter registration certificates are issued with each litter registration, these certificates give you a complete record of your breeding, and show new owners name when transferred.


Show entries/kitten registrations, can be paid by cheque, money order, EFT and credit card and soon PayPal.


Ancats offer all members a free listing for their breeds on our national breeders guide.


Applications for listing on Ancats national breeders guide can be made on line.


Ancats maintains a full prefix register “on line” and invites anyone to register their prefix [no cost] so as to save duplication.


Ancats maintains regional [States] web sites for local interest.


Ancats members can avail themselves of a great cattery management computer program, which solves all your record keeping, particularly members in states that require quality record keeping.


The “cats data” Program can provide members with any information in respect to their breeding in minutes, progeny from a sire or dam, kittens registered and transferred.




For the New Pedigree Kitten Owner


You may have embarked on a wonderful adventure with your new kitten and we believe your partnership will have rewards that will increase your enjoyment day by day. The following information will explain a little about the world of the pedigree kitten, a world that you may not have considered involving yourself in before.


The breeder you purchased your kitten from has registered their cats with ANCATS. ANCATS is affiliated with the WCF [World Cat Federation] which is a core member of the World Cat Congress so your new kitten already has worldwide standing.


We believe ANCATS “cat data” program the only and most up-to-date cat registering service in Australia.


As a registered ANCATS breeder they are also required to register your kitten along with all their siblings, in other words, the entire litter of kittens will have been registered before you adopted your kitten. Before the breeder registered them they will have decided which kittens will be sold as pets, and which will be destined for showing and breeding purposes. It will be stated on your kitten’s pedigree whether your kitten is registered as a pet or show kitten.


Most breeders will normally have the pet kittens desexed at about 12 weeks of age OR sell the pet kittens with the requirement that the new owner have them desexed at around six months of age.


This does not mean that purchasing a show kitten is better for you than a pet kitten, or vice versa. The breeder goes through a selection process with you, the purchaser, to determine the best kitten for your needs. If you have chosen a show quality kitten then your kitten is eligible to compete against other show quality kittens of the same and different breeds.


If you have chosen a pet quality kitten it does not necessarily mean you can’t become involved with ANCATS and enjoy the camaraderie to be found at our cat shows. As long as you have the breeder’s permission and your kitten is altered (desexed) you can show in the Companion Cats section of the show.


Anyone intending to show in either the pedigree or companion classes at an ANCATS show should read The ANCATS Guide to Showing for a full description of how the classes are divided and judged. When your kitten is registered its name and usually its microchip number is entered onto the ANCATS database together with a record of four generations of its ancestry. Upon registration the kitten is allocated an ANCATS registration number which is required if the kitten is shown or later bred from.


After purchasing your registered kitten the breeder will complete a transfer form. Send this along with the appropriate fees to ANCATS central office. A new Certificate of Registration will be issued to show you as the new owner of the kitten. If the registration does not state “pet only” new owners will receive a one 4 ring show complimentary voucher, entitling you to a free entry, to test the water so to speak.


At this point many people decide they would like to experience the fun of showing their kitten and decide to join ANCATS. The breeder will have included a membership form or you can apply for membership on-line. You don’t need to be a member to show your kitten but entry fees are less for members. Participating in a cat show provides an opportunity to meet people and experience the thrill of judges, of national and international renown, judging your kitten.



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