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Junior Handler

We love our "Cats" and we love or "Kids"


Junior Handlers ANCATS welcomes the attendance of children at all our shows. Children can learn many skills by being taught how to care for and handle animals and cat shows provide an activity that can be enjoyed as a family.


At some shows ANCATS encourages the participation of children and young adults with a special competition for junior handlers. Children compete according to various age categories and are judged on their ability to handle and present their cat to a small audience while giving a short talk describing key features of their cat. The content of the speech varies greatly, depending on the age of the child. Young children might talk about how cuddly their cat is and what a good purr she has while older children may describe characteristics of the breed and how it is best groomed. The main point is not so much what is said but to give the children a chance to gain confidence and skills in public speaking. At the end of talks a judge will make a kind assessment of the presentation, highlighting the best aspects of the talk and possibly making some gentle suggestions as to how future presentations could be improved. Criticisms will never be harsh.




Welcome to your first Australian National Cats Inc Show.


Australian National Cats Inc has been presenting its Junior Handlers program for several years now. This program has extended into most states of the country and we are currently working with our interstate representatives to include children nationwide. We don’t stop there.


Waratah has always had a positive and encouraging attitude towards its kids. We include the children in as many areas of cat showing, breeding and general cat care as we can and to this end, have developed a Junior Handlers Program, which is world class.


This program optimises the opportunity for children to learn about the many aspects of cat showing, breeding, judging, and responsible cat ownership, while encouraging the possibility of a life long interest in the cat fancy for the future. At ANCATS, we believe it is vital to encourage the next generation of cat lovers into the wonderful world of cats. Responsible cat ownership and care, showing, breeding and the cat fancy at large. The future of the Cat Fancy depends on our kids.


We will cover many topics in the course of the year. Some of these are topics are:


Winning with respect, losing with grace

Public Speaking

Safety. My cat, the public and myself.

Getting ready for a show, show entry deadlines, presentation of awards, what to wear, how to behave.

Confidence, what does that mean? Nerves, how to deal with them! Mistakes, are they useful?

The Standard and my cat.

Public presentations away from home. Expo, Special events and Information days.

Hands on. Practicing a presentation, grooming, handling and speaking.

Responsible cat care. Health, feeding, housing and other comforts.

And many more.


The ANCATS Junior Handlers Program is a first in this country and it has been developed by an experienced team of people who have either worked with children, have had experience with Group work and program development or have years of experience with Cat showing/ Breeding/ Judging both in Australia and Overseas, Management skills, Legal skills, Technology skills; all of which have produced a program second to none.


The following objectives have been met.


Developing a program of learning relevant to children.

Incorporating extensive knowledge of cat breeding, showing and care

Providing a supportive structure in which to run the program. This incorporates the appointment of a trained group leader who will be responsible for the program and who will facilitate the training of new group leaders for future needs. The shows run by ANCATS provide the ‘learning ground’ for the children and the members of the club support the program.


As you are aware, recent research confirms the declining numbers of cats and cat ownership in Australia. One of the ways in which this problem can be addressed is to encourage youngsters to take up cat ownership. ANCATS is the only National organization equipped to turn around this decline in the cat fancy. We have a national presence, we are the only cat organization in Australia with a junior handlers program and we have dedicated people with professional skills running the program.


We would love to talk to you about what we are doing and we invite you to give us a call to discuss ways in which your involvement with us can significantly help to turn around the decline in cat ownership in Australia.


We would like to acknowledge the Cat Fanciers Association of America Junior Handlers Program for which this course has been modelled.