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Judges Training Scheme

Aim of the Course


The course aims to provide all participants a foundation knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin sound judging and give them the confidence to put them into practise at a superior level.


The course aims to introduce participants to the ethics, behaviour, skills and standards required to be a competent professional judge.


l participants will be taught skills that enable them to use the set standards for judging in a consistent manner and develop modern universal skills that are used professionally by all competent and respected cat judges.


Entry Requirements


There are no formal qualifications required for this course. However, it is recommended that participants have a broad understanding and keen interest in the breeding and showing of cats. Also a willingness to learn and an appreciation of various cat breeds and breeding programs would be useful.


Participants will be considered for recognition of prior learning for modules of the course if they can demonstrate knowledge and skills in that subject area equivalent to, or more superior than, the expected outcome for that particular module.


Method of Training


The course is a self paced course and is flexible in its delivery and the order of the modules studied.


The course will consist of face to face learning, mentoring and homework. Background reading and research assignments will be required by participants to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of cat breeding, standards, feline health (including anatomy and physiology), and superior presentation and grooming of exhibits.


Candidate application form


Candidate requirements:


1. Minimum age at commencement of course: 18 years


2. Minimum age for full licence: 21 years


3. A WNCA member and have held membership for at least the previous 12 months


4. Be a competent Steward, who has satisfactorily completed all assessments of WNCA Stewards course or a recognised official stewards course and then have completed ten (10) satisfactory assignments at WNCA shows.


5. Must possess a breeding prefix and have bred and registered five (5) litters of kittens of a recognised breed.


6. First Judging Qualification must be from that breed group (longhair/shorthair).


7. Any applicant who believes they possess prior formal training that would exempt them from any of he entry requirements may make a submission to have their prior training recognised and the relevant entry requirement waived. Documentation of course content and course results must be submitted with application.


8. Applicants must complete and submit the course application forms. Application forms comprise of: WNCA Cat Judging Course Application Form and Candidates Resume.




You can choose one of three courses from Foundation of Cat Judging/Coat, colour and pattern, Judging shorthaired cats/Practical aspects of shorhaired cats, Judging longhaired cats/Practical aspects of judging longhaired cats. You will need to qualify the entry requirements and required reading material. Judges Training Scheme Forms can be submitted online or mailed to ANCATs, associated fees can be paid either by direct debit, cash or cheque.


Mailing Details


Online Detals


Please print out, complete and return to: WNCA


PO Box 2478 Taren Point Business Centre


Taren Point NSW 2229


The candidate will need to purchase the following


WNCA Cat Judge’s Course subjects


Gloria Stephens and TetsuYamazaki, (2001). Legacy of Cat (2nd edition), Chronicle books: San Francisco


WNCA Book of Standards


To be successful and pass this course, you must complete all assignments and practical assessments, set for the judge’s course to a satisfactory standard set by the marking criteria.




The fees for this course are by subject:




Foundations of Cat Judging / Coat, colour and pattern


Fee: $100.00


Judging shorthaired cats / Practical aspects of shorthaired cats


Fee: $100.00


Judging longhaired cats/ Practical aspects of judging longhaired cats


Fee: $100.00


Please enclose fees with this application and a resume that will address all of the entry criteria (use form attached to this application).