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Judges code of Ethics



ANCATS Judges Code of Ethics


Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS) is the only National Cat Association in Australia. ANCATS is a not-for-profit organisation that registers pedigree cats and organises Cat Shows throughout Australia with the help of local members. ANCATS represents its members at local, State and Federal Governments protecting the rights of the cat and breeders.


ANCATS Judges are ambassadors for ANCATS and are required to behave with integrity towards ANCATS

Judges’ Code of Ethics.


1. Know and act in accordance with ANCATS’s Constitution, Judges’ Code of Ethics, Show Rules, Exhibitors Responsibilities, Members Code of Ethics, and responsible Cat Ownership.


2. Conduct themselves at a Show, both in and out of the ring, with honesty, integrity, due diligence and competence as Ambassadors of ANCATS.


3. Carry out all commitments to the best of their ability including, but not limited to, responsibility to the Show Convener and Show team, to the exhibitors, to the cats and to members of the public visiting the show.


4. All judging decisions are based on the breed standard and condition of the exhibit. Each exhibit is evaluated accurately, fairly and impartially in accordance with the accepted standard for each breed.


5. Judges should be aware of all safety and OH & S issues affecting the public, stewards and themselves and put these matters foremost.


6. The care, comfort, health and safety of the cat their priority at all times.


7. Each exhibit entered in their ring is handled, if a cat is unwilling to be handled after a reasonable attempt it should not be judged and the judging book marked accordingly.


8. Participate in continuing education and keep copies of standards and rules up to date. To assist with stewards training and ongoing education.


9. Communicate with the public, exhibitors, breeders, fellow judges and show team in a respectful, responsible and professional manner. Dress in a professional and suitable manner that reflects the standing of judges and appropriate public presentation of ANCATS.


10. Not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory or harassing behaviour toward Show Management, ANCATS Executive, Fellow Judges, Stewards, ANCATS club members, exhibitors, breeders or members of the public.


11. Act at all times in the best interest of ANCATS and not for personal or third party gain or financial reward. Avoid placing or the appearance of placing, one’s own self interest or third party interest above that of ANCATS.


12. Not solicit or accept gifts, gratuities, personal property or any other item of value from any person as a direct or indirect inducement to provide special treatment to the donor in matters relating to ANCATS. Never accept any gifts suspected to be inappropriate.


13. Never solicit judging assignments.


14. Not criticise by act or word the work of another ANCATS and visiting Judges.


15. Not offer criticism of any previously judged cat(s) to anyone including other officiating judges during the course of a show.


16. Respect and work together with ANCATS Judge Training Program Tutors the ANCATS Executive, fellow judges, stewards and Show Management Team in a spirit of cooperation and harmony.


17. Not to engage in any comments or action that may bring ANCATS into disrepute.


18. Provide excellent care to their cats and maintain them in an exemplary manner.


19 Honour and respect the cat.