All applications to be accompanied with the following fees [GST included]


Single membership $65


Five year deal $215.00 [get one year free]


Dual membership (two people)$80


Five year deal $275.00 [get one year free]


Associate membership $30


Ten Year Cattery Management Deal $450.00


Concession membership (not available to prefix holders)


Age only Single or dual $40


Junior membership Under 18 years $35



Annual renewal of membership


Single renewal $50


5 Year deal $200 (get one year free)


Dual renewal (two people) $65


5 year deal $260 (get one year free)


Concession renewal (not available to prefix holders)


Age only Single or dual $35


Junior membership Under 18 years $25



Breeders Prefixes


Registration Member Breeders Prefix - 5 Year Term $85


Registration Member Breeders Suffix - Lifetime $200


*Please note, no refund is available for approved membership and prefixes, should a member resign during the nominated term.



Breed Council Application


Breed Council registration $20



Kitten Registration*


*within four months of birth or late fee applies * Late Fee - add 25%


Full Litter only. late fee payable for kittens to be registered after 9 months [Adult]


Over 9 months and under 12 months $100.00 per litter plus registration fees.

Litter Registration [for showing or awaiting colour or pattern to show] $15


Member Registration 4 generation pedigree $15/kitten [All kittens in litter to be registered]


Member Registration 5 generation pedigree [per kitten] $30





*within 21 days from transfer/lease or late fee applies) * Late Fee - add 25%


Member $15


Non member $25


Duplicate/replacement certificate $25


Add pet name $5


International Member $30


International non member $40


Re register from another Australian registrar pedigree $20


Re register from another International registrar pedigree $50


Please note:


It is the importers responsibility to have any imported cats certified pedigree translated to English from any non-English produced pedigree. The cost of any translation to be at the importers expense. The importer must ensure that ALL cats listed on the pedigree have registration numbers provided. Failure to complete these requests may lead to the cat not been registered with Ancats, or the transfer may take a considerable amount of time to be processed.


Higher status title update member N/C


Higher status Certificate $15


Higher status Sash $20


Higher status title update non member $15



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