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ANCATS Exhibitor/Member Code of Ethics

Australia National Cats Inc. (ANCATS) is the only National Cat Association in Australia. ANCATS is a not-for-profit organisation that registers pedigree cats and organises Cat Shows throughout Australia with the help of local members. ANCATS represents it members at Local, State and Federal Government levels protecting the rights of the Cat and of Breeders.


ANCATS Exhibitors/ Members are required to respect the rights of others and conduct themselves with integrity and courtesy whilst engaging in ANCATS activities.


ANCATS Exhibitors and Members are required to sign acceptance and compliance with the Exhibitor Code of Ethics prior to being eligible to enter exhibits for the show ring.


Failure to comply with the Exhibitor Code of Ethics may result in Disciplinary Action.


1:1 Exhibitors/Members shall not engage in any comment or action that may place ANCATS or its Members in disrepute.


1:2 Exhibitors/Members shall not make derogatory comments about the Executive, Judges, Stewards, other Exhibitors or Exhibits whilst in the show hall.


1:3 Exhibitors/Members shall not approach any member of the Executive , Judges or Stewards in an attempt to gain advantage for themself or other exhibitors.


1:4 Exhibitors/Members shall not approach Judges or Stewards in relation to exhibits until Judging is completed.


1:5 Exhibitors/Members shall respect the right of other exhibitors and the general public to be able to see and hear the assessment of exhibits on the bench and keep the noise level in the Show Hall to a minimum.


1:6 Exhibitors/Members shall respect the right of other exhibitors and the general public to see and hear the Best of the Best presentations keeping conversations and noise levels in the show hall to a minimum.


1:7 Exhibitors/Members shall conduct themself in a manner that is conducive to sportsmanship and respect for both other exhibitors and exhibits whilst in the show hall.


1:8 Exhibitors/Members shall only bench exhibits that are in show condition as per the ANCATS Show Rules.


1:9 Exhibitors/Members who have hired club cages shall remove cage numbers, collapse hired cages and return them to the point of pick up.


2:0 Under no circumstances, is an exhibit to be removed from its cage at any time during the show, by any person without the express permission of the owner. Judges, Stewards, officiating on the day and the Show Convenor are exempt from this regulation