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ANCATS has some great advertising opportunities that you would love to know about!


Ancats offers 3 Partner Packages; Gold, Silver and Bronze.


"This is a great way to align yourself with Australia's formost Cat Organisation

with more than 4000 members, pet owners, show entrants and much more!!"


you will definitely make your presence known. Packages are available now!


Get your own web page on ANCATS Website!


Make sure you contact us for more information! And click on the links at right

for sample pop-out Advertisement, then click back on the same link icon to hide.


Gold link size: 210px Wide by 366px High


Silver link size: 210px Wide by 231px High


Bronze link size: 210px Wide by 165px High


*send 2 layers to allow for onhover


Link connects to:


A: Your own website.


B: Full page Advertisement within ANCATS site 1024px Wide by 768px High.


C: pop-out Advertisement 500px wide x 600px deep as at right.


Artwork supplied as: png, jpeg, tif, psd, or pdf format.


*can be linked from a logo or an advertisement.


Contact ITnformation.

210 pixels wide

210 pixels wide

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165 pixels deep




Partner link silver










Partner link bronze

Partner link gold.


 A: Your Website,

B: Full-page,

C: Pop-out,