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Code of Ethics Membership




All persons applying for any type of membership as outlined in the Australian National cats Inc constitution shall agree to be bound by this Code of Ethics relating to responsible cat ownership including the maintaining, keeping, welfare, breeding, exhibiting, marketing, selling and disposing of cats to the effect of the terms and conditions set out hereunder.


Under the terms of Code of Ethics member(s) applies to any person/persons/group or individual that belongs financially or otherwise in whatsoever manner to and for the ANCATS.


Code of Ethics… Members


1. Shall ensure, that at all times, any or all cats or kittens under a member’s control is/are properly housed, fed, watered, cared for and receive proper veterinary attention if and when required.


2. Shall agree to read and follow the relevant State and Federal Regulations in regard to the breeding and ownership of cats.


3. All cats sold and members are subject to State and Federal Animal Welfare Laws. State and Federal EPA Laws must be adhered to.


Victorian Code Of Practice


4. Shall advice the ANCATS of micro-chipped numbers of cat(s)/kitten(s) registered in accordance with State and Territory regulations.


5. Shall agree that at any time, if a pedigree is in doubt, that a cat/kitten may be scanned (if micro-chipped) for verification of correct identification.


6. Shall agree that any member of Ancats shall not knowingly allow any cats/kittens to roam at large. When any cats/kittens are away from home appropriate accommodation shall be provided for the comfort and well being of the cat.


7. Shall enhance the reputation of cat breeders and owners by endeavouring to ensure that the member’s cats are not a nuisance or cause harm to any property, neighbour, group, alliance or to the community at large.


8. Shall not make any comment or action that would place Ancats or its members in disrepute.


9. Whilst it is recognised that the majority of kittens will be sold as pet quality the aim of breeders should be to utilise its breeding program to improve the overall standard of the breed.


10. At all times the member shall retain the right of free trade to advertise directly and sell cats/kittens not kept for line maintenance


11. Except in extenuating circumstances, cats/kittens should not be breed from under the age of nine months and not more frequently than two times in a year.


12. Members shall, when selling or otherwise transferring any kitten or cat ensure:


12.1. any kitten is at least ten weeks of age.


12.2. that the kitten or cat is vaccinated and is accompanied by a current vaccination certificate


12.3. that the kitten or cat is micro chipped where required in accordance with government regulations.


12.4. that the person receiving the cat or kitten fully understands their responsibility for the care and welfare of the cat including dietary, immunisation, husbandry and housing requirements.


12.5. that only original pedigree/registration certificates must be supplied to the new owner at the time of sale or within 21 days.


13. that kitten(s) sold as “pet only” should be desexed by six months and are not shown or bred without the express permission of the breeder.


14. Members shall not knowingly allow any kitten or cat to be sold or handled by any person, business or organisation that has been proven to be sub-standard in regard to the welfare of any cat in their care.


15. Members shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise nor mislead any person in regard to the performance/characteristics of any cats.


16. Members shall ensure, when selling a cat with an Australian National cats Inc Certificate of Registration or transferring a cat to another person that documents as required by Ancats regulations will be provided to the purchaser or transferee.


17. Members shall provide suitable documentation to the purchaser clearly stating whether the cat was sold with or without an Australian National Cats Inc Certificate of Registration (papers) and any other conditions that may apply from time to time.


18. Members shall oppose all activities, which involve cruelty to cats, and all other animals.


19. Members shall not knowingly sell any cat to any enterprise whether private or public that would inflict unnecessary suffering to the cat.


20. The Ancats reserves the right to amend or review this Code of Ethics when necessary.


21. Members in breach of this code risk disciplinary action from the Executive Committee.